A sequencer synth with serious bite

Nothing gives your music instant drive and emotion like a well-oiled step sequencer. A single note, chord or trigger pad can instantly transform your music track from “ok” to “WOW”. Whether you’re looking for a pulsing dance beat, a fast action cue, or a smooth rhythmic backdrop, G8TOR’s got you covered. Three separate sequencers, eight trigger pad FX, a cutting edge synth and built-in effects. Are you ready to add eMotion to your music tracks? Let’s do it.

Back by popular demand and totally FREE.

Cheeze Machine 1 from Big Tick Audio circa 2007

In 2007, a simple, free, and fantastic sounding string-machine VST called Cheeze Machine by Big Tick Audio went viral. Nearly 12 years later and despite other string-machine  products on the market, customers are still asking for an update. We get it! It sounds great, is easy to use, is light on the CPU, and how can you argue with free?

Through a special arrangement with Big Tick Audio, 2getheraudio is offering a newly remastered and updated version of Cheeze Machine. Complete with expanded oscillators, a beautiful reverb, vintage ensemble, chorus and vibrato effects and a whole lot more. Best of all, just like the original, it’s totally free.


It’s not hard to be inspired when you have great plugins like RE4ORM, a virtual instrument, and RE4ORM FX, its sister effects plugin. Tons of presets, drawable shapes, macro-controls, built-in effects, all made to get you inspired for your next music track or remix.

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