Downloading, Installing and Authorizing G8TOR

Getting Started with G8TOR

Downloading and Installing G8TOR

After downloading G8TOR (either by purchasing or downloading a free trial version), you will need to double click the file to unzip it first. The installer is packaged in a zip file to ensure an accurate download.

To install G8TOR, double click on the installation file. On Mac this is called 2getheraudioG8TOR.pkg. On Windows this is called 2getheraudioG8TOR.exe. After starting the installation simply walk through the on-screen prompts to install your software. If you are on a Mac you will be asked to restart your computer after the installation completes.

Trial Mode

When you first install G8TOR you will be in trial mode. Saving is disabled in trial mode. This means you cannot save any edits to your sounds. Saving is also disabled if you use G8TOR in a DAW project. This means any edits you make to G8TOR presets while using it inside a DAW will not be saved when you reopen your DAW project.

To enable saving you must purchase G8TOR and get an authorization number. See below for instructions.

Purchasing G8TOR

Purchasing and registering G8TOR is super easy. After purchasing the product at the 2getheraudio website, you will receive an email receipt and authorization email. The authorization email will have an authorization number which you can copy and paste into G8TOR to authorize it. Once it is authorized, trial mode is disabled and all saving functionality in enabled.

Authorizing G8TOR

You must be connected to the internet to authorize G8TOR.

To authorize, double click on the G8TOR Standalone application, 2getheraudio (Mac) or 2getheraudio G8TOR.exe (Windows).  On Mac this can be found in your Applications folder. On Windows, this will be in your Programs folder. You may also see a shortcut or alias to it on your desktop if you chose that  option during installation.

You may also load G8TOR onto an audio track and authorize there, however, using the Standalone application will yield the best results.

When opening G8TOR in trial mode, you will be presented the authorization window as shown here. At the top of this window simply type or paste in your authorization number and then hit the Authorize button.

Authorizing can take up to a few minutes depending on the speed of your internet connection. Please be patient. Once authorization has taken place, the screen will update and tell you it is authorized as shown below. If you don’t enter your authorization number correctly an error message will be displayed and you can try again or contact us with any problems you encounter.