How our pricing model works


All 2getheraudio products are sold under a “pay what you want” model (sometimes referred to as “pay what you can afford” or “pay what you can”).

When you purchase a product, you will be asked to select the price you want to pay or you may enter your own price. To help you decide what to pay, we offer tiered pricing choices with descriptions next to each. The descriptions talk in general terms about how your price will help the cause you’ve selected and help 2getheraudio build more software for you.

Minimum Pricing

All 2getheraudio paid products have a minimum price of $10. We do this because it costs us a lot of money to design and build professional software, provide our customers support, market our products, etc. We feel its better to build state-of-the-art, professional products and assign a minimum price, rather than cheap products with no minimum price.

Selecting a Cause or Charity

In addition, you may choose to give ten percent of your purchase price to a charity or social cause. You may also elect not to give to a charity or cause. If you elect not to give to a charity or cause your full purchase price will go to 2getheraudio.

To keep our bookkeeping costs down (and your prices lower) we have chosen the charities and causes you can give to. If you wish to suggest a charity or cause please let us know here.

To support artists, we may also offer products that artists produce themselves. In those cases, you may elect to give half the purchase price back to the artist.

Thank you and we wish you the best in your music making!