RE4ORM Effects

Stereo Delay and Reverb Effects

The Stereo Delay and Reverb effects can be used to add some final delay or ambience to your sound. They are last in the audio signal path so are added to your sound after the XY Effects and Free4orm filters. Signals run through the stereo delay first and then the reverb. In this way your delay signal is also processed by the reverb (if any).

Delay Left and Right (LEFT and RIGHT)

The stereo delay left and right knobs control the delay time of the delay taps on the left and right independently. The delay times are synchronised to the DAW tempo and so are expressed in beats rather than time delays.

Delay Feedback (FEEDBACK)

The stereo delay feedback knob controls how many delay taps are audible. Negative feedback is also possible. The center position of this knob will generate only one delay tap. Move the knob to the left or right will generate more taps.

Delay Filter and Damping (DAMP)

The wet signal of the stereo delay is passed through a high pass or low pass filter which is selectable in the interface by clicking the button next to the filter type. The Damp knob can then be used to set the cutoff frequency of the low pass or high pass.

Delay Mix (MIX)

The delay mix knob sets the balance of the wet and dry parts of the delay.

Reverb Room Type Dropdown

The type of room for the reverb can be selected using the dropdown window. Depending on this setting the reverb Time and Size may need to be adjusted.

Reverb Time (TIME)

The reverb Time knob will change the decay time of the reverb or how long the reverb lasts.

Reverb Size (SIZE)

The reverb Size knob will change the perceived size of the reverb room. You adjust this along with the reverb room type to get the right sound of your reverb.

Reverb Damping (DAMP)

The reverb Damp knob will turn down the brightness of your reverb sound. Bright sounds or large halls sometimes need some damping to keep them from overtaking a mix.

Reverb Mix (MIX)

The reverb Mix knob will adjust the amount of the reverb in your sound.

For a video on RE4ORM’s Effects, click here:  Introducing RE4ORM Video