Trial Mode Details

Trial Mode Details

Many people want to try a piece of software before purchasing it to make sure they really like it. For this reason we have provided a Trial Mode for all 2getheraudio plugins.

When you first install and open a 2getheraudio plugin you will automatically be in trial mode. After you purchase and authorize your plugin, trial mode messages will disappear and your plugin will launch without the trial screen. More information on how to purchase, install and authorize your 2getheraudio software can be found here. https://

In trial mode saving is disabled. This means you cannot save any edits to your sounds. Saving is also disabled if you use the plugin in a DAW project. This means any edits you make to the plugin presets while using it inside a DAW will not be saved when you reopen your DAW project.

To enable saving you must purchase and register your plugin.

Trial Mode Limitations

  • Saving user presets is disabled
  • Preset edits in your DAW project will not be saved when you save your DAW project
  • Preset selection in your DAW project will not be saved when you save your DAW project.
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