Working with RE4ORM FX Presets

The Preset Window

Selecting Sounds

RE4ORM FX includes around 50 factory patches, also called Presets, which give you instant access to a huge variety of effects for your music or production. Presets are organized into folders by category. Clicking on the name of the current preset in the preset window will show you a dropdown list of categories and inside those categories a list of presets. Simply select a preset using your mouse to load it.

For quick preset selection use the arrows to the left and right of the preset name to select sounds.

Saving and Renaming User Presets

You can name and save your own presets in RE4ORM FX. These are called User Presets and will appear in the User Presets category.

To name your preset, Control-click (Mac) or right-click (Windows) on the preset name until it highlights. Type in your new name and hit enter.

To save any edits you’ve made to a preset, click on the save button to the left of the preset name.

To delete user presets, select the “Show User Presets” option in the preset dropdown window. This will open a browser window where your user presets are stored on your hard drive. From here you can delete presets as you would with any file on your computer.

The complete RE4ORM FX User Manual can be found here.